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WristRoute is a standalone Apple Watch GPS application for hiking, biking, and  other offline adventures. Neither the iPhone or Internet is needed for operation.

WristRoute can read and write GPX files containing waypoints, routes, and tracks. Download a GPX file for an upcoming hike, load it on your watch, and now you can follow the route line on a map, or track your uphill progress against an elevation profile.

WristRoute uses the latest generation of topographic maps from the USGS: US Topo. Outside the continental United States an OpenStreetMap derived map is used. Maps are cached for offline use.

WristRoute is designed for all day use with battery saving options. GPS Battery Saver only turns on the GPS as needed. Map display can also be turned off, displaying just GPX route lines and waypoints.

Help file

Looking for GPX files to try?

Grand Canyon Trails: GrandCanyonTrails.gpx

Pacific Crest Trail: https://www.pctmap.net/gps/

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